The URJ Henry S. Jacobs Camp offers a variety of summer options for children who are currently in kindergarten and up. Our sessions provide all of our campers with the best of everything camp has to offer.

Our campers come from across the Deep South - Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Western Tennessee & the Florida Panhandle - and beyond. We place our campers into one of seven units based on the camper’s grade the school year following the summer. This way, each unit is comprised of children who are socially, physically, and developmentally on approximately the same level.

The goals of our Kochavim program will always be: let us help you find out if your child is ready for overnight summer camp! If you could give your child a taste of camp life, they could see how great it would be to go for a full camp session, and you would have the peace of mind to know that they can handle it. This is why we created the Kochavim Program.

In Kochavim, your child can get a taste of Jacobs Camp! Kochavim will give your child the opportunity to have a great experience: participating in creative programming and great specialty activities, and spending a day living the life of a camper and spending time with our terrific counselors and staff members.

Your child will get see what Camp is like and leave energized about the prospect of returning in future summers for our regular camp programs.

Registration is coming soon!

March 2022. Exact dates coming soon.


Olim is the best way to try out all of our activities and our renowned community. We cram an entire summer of fun into 10 or 14 spectacular days! Our most energetic and nurturing staff guide this group through everything from unpacking, to swimming to the dining hall to getting ready for bed. We are all about making sure that this is the most comfortable, engaging and fun filled experience you child can have! Olim is everything you expect in a summer camp – and so much more!

Jam-Packed Days: Every day includes the chance to sample so many of our specialty activities, like: Arts & Crafts, Basketball, The Blob, Canoeing, Dance, Photography, Drama, Fishing, Ga-Ga, the Giant Swing, Hiking, Kickball, Music, Nature Study, Ping-Pong, STEM, Soccer, Video, Volleyball, and the Wet Willie Waterslide. Plus time in our awesome swimming pool, a chance to learn about Judaism, time with cabin mates, a visit to the canteen, spirited song sessions, and the opportunity to interact with the rest of the camp community, including our older campers (some they may know from home) and our great staff members.

Fun-Filled Nights: Every night features a different, creative evening program. Fun & games, unusual adventures, amazing challenges - these are just a few of the element that make up Olim evening program.s Programs such as an all-camp scavenger hunt, a Magical Mystery Tour of Israel (run by our Israeli staff), Who Stole the Jacobs Magic, and A Night in the Art Room. And, don't forget Messy Night! Plus Olim campers get to spend two Shabbats at Jacobs - and, ask any Jacobs camper, and they will tell you Shabbat is their favorite day of the week!

Jacobs Counselors Make Everything Fun: Our most caring counselors are assigned to Olim bunks to provide a positive, nurturing experience. We can't explain how they do it, but Olim counselors make every moment of the day so much fun! Each day they outdo themselves - with their energy & enthusiasm, with their love & caring, with their commitment to insuring that every Olim camper has the best summer. It's worth coming to Jacobs just to be with them.

After summer is over, Olim Campers consistently talk about the great friends they made, how they were able to try out so many things they had never done before, and their fantastic counselors.

Olim A: Sunday, June 12 - Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Olim A+: Sunday, June 12 - Sunday, June 26, 2022

Olim B: Sunday, July 10 - Sunday, July 24, 2022

There is no better three-and-a-half week residential camp program available for elementary-age children than the Garin Program at Jacobs Camp. Fun and excitement permeate everything in Garin, giving campers a spirited experience they will never forget. Emphasis is placed on a well-balanced program of recreation and education, with an attentive and enthusiastic staff there to guide the way and help new-found friendship bloom. Garin offering everything you expect in a summer camp - and so much more!

New and exciting activities to try. We pride ourselves on our facility, and the myriad of things our campers can participate in here. Ever wanted to try archery or learn how to ride a mountain bike? How about STEM programs or scaling a 50-foot climbing tower? The list goes on! We provide all of our campers the opportunity to explore a range of interests in Aquatics, the Arts, Science, Outdoor Adventure, and Sports.

Friends. Drawing our campers from all across the South, your child will meet their Jewish peers who are having the the same experiences they are - an immediate connection that only gets stronger as the session progress.

Social development and Jewish self-confidence. Camp is all about exploring who you are and who you want to become. We strive to create an environment that is safe physically, emotionally and spiritually for our campers so they have the room to be everything they can. This is a great age for your kids to be in this type of environment - a place that is all about them! Under the watchful eyes of our counselors, all of whom are committed to being fantastic role models, your child will come home with more confidence to face the year ahead with ease.

Community. Every summer the grounds of Jacobs come alive as hundreds of young people from across the Deep South gather to create the most unique population around. Shabbat services by Lake Gary, Maccabiah (color war) and nightly free time and evening programs are just a few of the memorable experiences we have here. And everything we do is about building our Brit Kehillah, our holy community.

After a summer at Jacobs Camp, Garin Campers leave with great friends, tremendous inspiration, and so many memories to cherish!

Session One: Sunday, June 12 - Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Session Two: Sunday, July 10 - Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Maskilim is all about being together: together with friends, with our staff and with the Camp community as a whole. Maskilim takes campers to the next level of social development, with the needs of young adolescents taken into consideration when planning programs and activities. Whether continuing their HSJ experience or just beginning it, Maskilim campers have the opportunity to truly experience the "Jacobs Magic."

Develop new skills and challenge yourself in Maskilim. Maskilim campers choose a Specialty Camp in which they participate all session long. They also get to select other multi-day specialty activities to experience, have a daily sports & recreation period, and get to swim daily in our great pool!

Lifelong friends are guaranteed. Ask anyone who has come to Jacobs about when they made the most friends, and they will tell you its was during their summers in Maskilim. As young teens become more independent, they seek opportunities to really connect with others their own age; Maskilim encourages these relationships, seeking to insure that friendships are made, and made strong, because they were made at Camp.

Session One: Sunday, June 12 - Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Session Two: Sunday, July 10 - Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Talmidim is an amazing program for young teens. The Talmidim Program is designed with young teens in mind. Talmidim campers have input into how they spend their time at Camp, giving them the opportunity to make their experience more unique and exciting. Talmidim campers choose one Specialty Camp in which they will participate all summer long, developing advanced skills and having a great time. They also have a daily sports & recreation period, and time daily in our great swimming pool!
Session One: Sunday, June 12 - Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Session Two: Sunday, July 10 - Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Chalutzim is an amazing program just for teens. The Chalutzim Program brings together teens with a tasted for adventure, an interest in being part of a dynamic community, and a desire to learn and grow. It is a unique and exciting way to spend the summer at Camp.

Chalutzim is not your typical camp experience. The Chalutzim day is much different than what the rest of our campers experience. With a more free-form schedule, the program takes unique advantage of the Camp's activities and facilities, as well as of our top specialists and the many visiting professionals who pass through during the summer. Days include unique educational and recreational experiences, a sports & recreation time, and swimming. Nights include traditional Camp evening programs, as well as unique teen-oriented discussion and activities. Since 2012, the Chalutzim Program has included an intensive leadership training program - we want our participants to be well-equipped to return to their high schools, their extracurricular activities, and their youth groups, with important skills that will enable them to feel and be more successful.

The Chalutzim Village is the place to be! Chalutzim campers live in their own village, which includes the Sababa - their special teen lounge. As our oldest campers, they have certain privileges reserved only for them.

"I don't want to go home! This has been my BEST summer ever!." - Alabama Camper

"Chalutzim was my first time at Jacobs (or any camp), and I had an absolutely unforgettable, amazing time." - Louisiana Camper

Sunday, June 26 - Wednesday, August 3, 2022
Session 1: Sunday, June 12 - Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Full Summer: Sunday, June 12 - Wednesday, August 3, 2022


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