Job Description – Specialist
Summer 2021

Background: The URJ Henry S. Jacobs Camp is a residential, Jewish summer camp located in Utica, MS that serves campers ages 7-16, who spend between ten days and six weeks on-site during the summer. We strive to create a healthy, nurturing environment for campers and staff to try new activities, build meaningful relationships, and grow their Jewish identities. We are seeking qualified candidates to join our team as Specialists.

Qualifications and responsibilities apply to all specialists, both in-cabin and out-of-cabin.


  • Training and experience commensurate with needs of specialty position. Teaching experience in that activity area desired.
  • Strong enthusiasm for and broad-based knowledge of assigned specialty.
  • Ability to follow defined teaching requirements, developing own methods of presentation to campers.
  • When required, hold relevant certifications in activity area.


  • Lead and coordinate activities for all age groups, as assigned by the appropriate Department Head, as scheduled for each unit. Maintain daily record of activity lesson plan.
  • When assigned, plan and lead age-appropriate unit evening programs, incorporating your area(s) of expertise.
  • Be available for cabin activities as requested by counselors.
  • Prepare and lead Shabbat afternoon activities.
  • Act as general resource for other camp activities relating to your specialty.
  • When time permits, participate in other camp programming as is practical. Specialists that are assigned to units should be with assigned units when they do not have direct programming responsibilities — especially at meals, song sessions, services, and evening programs. Sitting with cabins and interacting with campers is a must.
  • Exercise good judgment and safety consciousness at all times. Act as role-model for safety with campers.
  • Directly responsible for most maintenance and upkeep of facilities and supplies necessary for assigned specialty.
  • Attend in-camp training sessions and staff meetings as required.

Designated Supervisor: Department Head and Unit Head