Blog  Special Notes Connect Sisters in Separate Pods

Special Notes Connect Sisters in Separate Pods

My name is Caitlin and this is my 5th summer here at Jacobs Camp. My little sister, Emerson, is currently enjoying her first summer. So far, we’ve been in pods so I’ve only been able to hang out with the girls in Talmidim. We do all of our activities together, eat together, and spend most of our time in our pod to be COVID-safe.

But what about siblings?

Well, my sister and I have come up with a solution! We started sending each other letters at camp! Sometimes they’re drawings, and other times they’re little notes with stickers attached. My sister sent the first one and, let me tell you, her notes are SO cute!

She gives me little cards with pictures of her in her bunk of us hugging and little hearts everywhere! I reply by sending her notes about how much I miss her and all about my day at camp.

Ever since we started doing this I have something sweet to look forward to! So even in this podded time, when I can’t see or hug her everyday, we’ve found a way to stay connected!