You will have a summer experience with the best of both worlds: A summer full of fun while gaining sought-after skills that will help advance your career.

Here are a FEW of the Things You’ll Be Able To Add To Your Resume:

  • This is no entry-level job: All camp positions foster leadership skills and empowerment. You’ll have more responsibility than most of your friends will outside of camp.
  • Become the best version of yourself: You will enrich your life through becoming a role model to children and teens of all ages.
  • Gain skills that are transferable to any profession:
    • Become a professional collaborator through constant teamwork with your peers and through guidance from supervisors.
    • Develop public speaking skills through giving directions to groups large and small
    • Enhance problem solving skills while developing program ideas from concept to reality

On top of it all, you’ll join a network of alumni in every industry. There is no better way to kick off your career!

Alumni Mentorship and Internship Program

Jacobs Camp has an incredible network of camp alumni working in many different fields and organizations. We want to connect YOU with these mentors and internships during school year. If you are a current freshman in college and can commit to working at camp for at least 6 weeks, you are eligible for this program! We know you are under intense pressure to choose between camp and an internship or field experience. We want to help you have BOTH! Apply today!

The Opportunities are Limitless!

  • Lead and inspire the next generation of young people
  • Build connections with your campers and make on impact that they will remember forever
  • Find a new hobby like climbing, fishing, or underwater basket weaving (that's not a real activity... yet!)
  • Make memories and friendships that will last a lifetime

In the end, you get PAID to go to summer camp!

Want to Know More?

For more information about a summer job at URJ Jacobs Camp, email Sarah Tucker. We will be happy to send you more information or apply right now on this page using the green button on the right!