The Floor is Lava! | Ages 3+ | Individual or Group

Start on one side of the house and try to get to the other side. Be careful, you are pretending the floor is lava! You must try jumping from rug to rug and pillow to pillow without touching the floor. Be sure to remove items that are fragile or have sharp edges from your path!


  • Pillow and/or rug

Freeze Dance | All ages | Individual or Group

Listen to your favorite music and start dancing along! When the music stops, freeze in your pose and hold it until the music begins again.


  • Music player

Popcorn Push Ups | Ages 4+ | Individual or Group

Put a small bowl of popcorn on the floor. Lower yourself down and stick out your tongue to get a piece of popcorn with each push up. See how many you can do!


  • Bowl of popcorn (or kettle corn!)

Grog | Ages 4+ | Group

Scavenger hunt mixed with freeze tag. All players gather in one room. One or two players volunteer to be the Grogs and take the flashlight and leave the room. The Grogs open the flashlight and remove batteries and hide them in relatively hard places but still visible. Once ready, the rest of players emerge and run around trying to find and assemble the flashlight. The Grogs run around tagging people to delay the flashlight from being put together. Once tagged, players are frozen until someone unfrozen tags them. If all youth are tagged at same time the Grogs win.


  • Plastic flash light that easily comes apart and reassembles

Jenga + Monopoly | Ages 4+ | Group

For every block pulled out, the player earns a buck! These can be consolidated over time into $5s and $10s. Players can also spend the money by making deals to buy the turn of another player or sell yours to the highest bidder. As the tower gets tall, no one wants to take a turn and topple it! The winner is the player with the most Monopoly money who didn’t topple the tower.


  • Jenga Set
  • Monopoly Money


Paper Plate Exercise | Ages 5+ | Individual or Group

Write down different activities on the backs of paper plates such as “10 jumping jacks” and “15 floor touches” “3 full twists”. When they get to the plate, they turn it over to reveal the exercise. When done, they run to another plate to do the exercise.


  • Paper plates
  • Sharpie

Olympic Speed Walking Duck Race| Ages 5+ | Group

First have participants practice their speed walking techniques. Have them really get their arms and hips into the motion. Then have participants waddle, quack, and flap their arms like a duck. Now they need to combine all of these motions as gracefully as possible and have a race with you or their siblings. As a judge, you are looking for form and a good laugh!

Frozen Shirt Race| Ages 4+ | Group

Have each player soak a t-shirt in water and freeze them overnight.  Now take them out and go out in the yard, where it’s warm. Whoever gets the shirt on the fastest wins! This game can also be run relay style! Each player needs to get tagged by their teammate before attempting to put on their shirt and running to a set landmark.


  • Old shirt
  • Bucket
  • Water