Blog  To Dream Street with Love

To Dream Street with Love

For their Chalutzim project, the campers chose to partner with Dream Street to clean up and enhance the Dream Street garden by adding two new flower beds, weeding the existing beds, and cleaning the dedication signs. Jacobs Camp is grateful to Dream Street to sponsoring the project and making it possible for the Chalutzim Campers to learn about Dream Street and what it is like to be a counselor at Dream Street.

The Chalutzim Campers offered these words as a dedication for their project.

“The Dream Street Garden represents the love that ties Jacobs Camp and Dream Street together! Chalutzim 2021 restored this garden to bring back the Jacobs Magic after missing a summer. No matter how many summers go by, this place will continue to bring light and joy into peoples lives even after we’re gone. From generation to generation, this garden will be passed down along with the memories that were made there. For everyone who passes through the gates, camp will always be a home away from home.

With Love and Jacobs Magic,

Chalutzim 2021”

Dream Street is a place where children with physical disabilities are given the chance to be children – not “special” children, not children with disabilities, but just children. This is the true magic of Camp Dream Street. If you are interested in learning more about Camp Dream Street, please click here!