Blog  We’re Savoring Every Minute Together!

We’re Savoring Every Minute Together!

We started this week on a high note when we learned that 100% of last week’s COVID-19 tests came back negative! The news, of course, was our signal to celebrate, which is exactly what we did—with a huge party and Israeli dance session on Sunday, followed by cake for breakfast on Monday.

Partying aside, this good news shows just how much our entire community values and cares for each other and demonstrates how hard all our families and staff have worked to hit this mark. I am, as always, incredibly grateful to everyone who came together to ensure we achieve this important milestone.

With the test results in hand, we’re easing a little closer to normal and continuing to savor every minute of our time together! It’s been another busy, wonderful week full of fun and lots of Jacobs Magic for our campers and staff. Watch this week’s highlights here.

Olim spent time on the tower swing, in the lake, and with the chickens. They also played sports, war canoe, and had a Mardi Gras event. During the evenings, they were busy with a pool party, messy night, Israel night, a Fortnite program, and an around the world program.

Garin’s daytime activities included muddy buddies, wacky science, cheerleading, cooking, biking, and got paired up with their Chalutzim big buddies. At night, they had a talent show, messy night, bunk night, a campout, Israel night, and a wedding, when Hayley, their unit head and staff engagement coordinator, married CJ, and Garin made the decorations!

Maskilim’s days this week were filled with obstacle courses, dancing, cooking, inventions, tennis, and fun with Jeff, the orange cat whose human is Sarah, the Chalutzim unit head. In the evenings, Maskilim had a sports department event, bunk night, a campout, a program with the arts department, Israel night, and a day-trip program that included a movie, sushi, and lots of other fun things.

Talmidim had hiking, biking, flag football, yoga, pitch perfect, and figure drawing. Their nights were filled with a talent show, arts, sports, and Jewish life programs, Israel night, and a trip program, with canes and carnival games.

Chalutzim enjoyed a day-trip program this week along with sports, cooking, and swimming in the lake. The group’s evenings included programs with the Jewish life, arts, and sports departments, Israel night, and a talent show/open mic night. They also got their Garin little buddies, and are having a lot of fun with the younger campers!

And now Shabbat is nearly here – wishing y’all a Shabbat shalom and a terrific weekend.