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Garin Boys Pod Counselors

Garin Unit Head

Clark Thompson

My name is CJ Thompson, and I am from Birmingham, Alabama. I recently graduated from the University of Alabama with a business administration degree. This is my 6th summer on staff at Jacobs Camp and I'm so excited to be the Garin Unit Head. Camp is my favorite place in the world and I'm so glad we can all be together again this summer!

Garin Boy Counselors

Andrew Strickland

Hi! I'm Andrew and I am from Birmingham, Alabama. During the year I study computer engineering at Auburn, and I am currently training for next basketball season. My role at camp this year is a counselor, and I am so excited for my 12th year!

Shoham Goshen

Hello, my name is Shoham Goshen and I am from kibbutz Ramot Menashe, Israel. At camp this year I will be a counselor, it is my first year and I am really excited to meet everyone!

Gabriel Seres

Hi, I'm Gabe! I am from Mississippi, but I am moving to Texas after the summer! I'm going to be working as a counselor this year, and it is my first year on staff. I've been going to HSJ since 2007! This year was crazy, but I am thankful for the opportunity to clean up after a hurricane hit our city in 2020.

Gabriel Kertesz

My name is Gabriel Kertesz and I am from (and have lived all my life in) Homewood, Alabama. I will be attending the University of Chicago this fall and I'm not quite sure what I want to study. I will be a counselor this summer and, while this is my first year on staff, I was a camper for eight years and I am really excited to return to Jacobs Camp! I am an Eagle Scout; I play the trumpet, and I was on the Homewood High School Robotics team and was president of the Scholars' Bowl team. I am a huge football and basketball fan and at camp, I always enjoy paddling around the lake, swimming, sports, and seeing all of my friends!

Josh Nemet

I am originally from Birmingham, Alabama but now live in Saint Louis, where I attend the University of Missouri. I have done a lot of volunteer work such as volunteering at Camp Dream Street also and volunteering for Friendship Circle! This summer I am a counselor and lifeguard at camp as I have wanted to be a counselor for the 11 years I was a camper here. During the year I like to play a lot of sports, read books, and hang out with my friends.

Jonathan Geiger

I'm from Memphis, Tennessee, and will be staying there to attend the University of Memphis. I've been a camper for six summers and this will be my first summer as a counselor! I've also been a CIT (counselor-in-training) at Lausanne collegiate school a couple of summers as well. I've done other volunteering jobs like working at Temple Israel as a music teacher.

Mason Berger

My name is Mason Berger and I am from Birmingham Alabama. During the year I am a student at the University of Alabama. My role at camp is as a counselor as well as a lifeguard. This will be my 10th summer at camp. During the year I volunteer at the Chabad in Tuscaloosa to help cook and prepare Friday night Shabbat meals.

Troy Hottel

My name is Troy Hottel. I am from Birmingham, AL. I am an upcoming freshman at Auburn University who will be studying graphic design. I am a general counselor at camp. This will be my first summer at camp.

David Vaiser

Hello! I am David Vaiser I'm 21 and I live in Israel. I was born in Ukraine and at the age of 4 my family did an aliya to Israel, where I grew up, so now I can speak 3 languages! I'm currently at the army as a technician in the communication department and soon to finish my time and be released from the army. I'm also in the shlihim program of the Jewish agency which is why I was able to fly to the states and be a counselor for my first summer at Jacobs Camp! A fun fact about me is that I love animals!