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Solelim Pod Advisors

Solelim Unit Head

Rabbi Lexi Erdheim

Originally from Livingston, NJ, I now live in New Orleans and work as a rabbi at Congregation Gates of Prayer during the year. As a rabbi, I run our social justice committee as well as Tribe, a group for Jewish young adults to socialize, learn and celebrate Judaism. This will be my 4th summer on staff at Jacobs Camp and my 2nd summer in my role as Solelim Director. I serve on the board of World Faith, a nonprofit committed to ending religious violence globally by empowering youth from different faith backgrounds to partner through community service.

Solelim Advisors

Eyal Levy

Hi, I'm Eyal from the Shilichim program, which means I'm coming to HSJ from Israel! I will be a counselor and I am looking forward to leading some activities in STEAM or adventure. It will be my first summer at camp so I'm looking forward to it. I finished my service in the army in November 2020, while Israel was still under quarantine; because of that I haven't done many special activities done so far, Jacobs is going to be my first big thing to do, and I am very excited. Nowadays, I'm working as a sales representative for a credit card company, selling in both English and Hebrew. Before the army, I was part of the scouts for 7 years. I volunteered in 'Leket Israel' in which the volunteers help farmers to collect their crops and the farmers donate the food we collected to families in need.

Kristin Newman

My name is Kristin Newman and I come from the tiny town of Albany, Louisiana! I am a senior English Education major at Southeastern Louisiana University. I am currently halfway through the Louisiana Teacher Residency Program, which means during the year I teach English Language Arts in a 9th-grade classroom. Beyond that, I am a volunteer with Wing and a Prayer Players theatre group in Hammond, Louisiana. I will be serving as Solelim Advisor and Chalutzim Counselor this summer! This is my first summer as part of the Jacobs Magic and I am so excited to be joining the fun!!

Josette Reichman

My name is Josette Reichman, I am 20 years old and I've spent 5 summers at Jacobs Camp! This will be my first year on staff. My role will be Lifeguard. I am so thrilled to be a part of the Jacobs Camp magic this summer! Throughout the past couple of years, I have helped my family take care of my niece and nephew, Lily and Nick. It has been a pleasure watching them grow into their own little people. In the past, I have spent a couple years volunteering at Congregation Albert Preschool. My role there was to aide and assist in any of the teachers' needs, play with the kids at recess, and help put together/clean up activities for the children. It was a lot of fun! After that ended, I picked up a few jobs here and there until I found a nice job at a pond supply store called Mud Monsters. Since my family has a pond on our property, it was really cool to be able to learn so much about taking care of fish, keeping the water healthy, and even how to put one together!