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Maskilim Boy Pod Counselors

Maskilim Unit Head

Josh Balkin

Hi! I am Josh Balkin and I am from New Orleans. I am so excited to be the Maskilim unit head this summer! I was a 10 year camper (plus Kochavim) and this will be my 5th summer on staff. In past summers I have been a counselor, bike specialist, and Solelim advisor, as well as the Kochavim unit head. I just graduated from the University of Chicago with a degree in Economics and following the summer I will be moving to Dallas to start my career as a private asset analyst. Jacobs camp is m

Maskilim Boy Counselors

Jonathan Geiger

I'm from Memphis, Tennessee, and will be staying there to attend the University of Memphis. I've been a camper for six summers and this will be my first summer as a counselor! I've also been a CIT (counselor-in-training) at Lausanne collegiate school a couple of summers as well. I've done other volunteering jobs like working at Temple Israel as a music teacher.

Evan Levine

Hi, my name is Evan Levine, I'm 18 years old and I'm from Bentonville, Arkansas. I graduated from Thaden School this year, and next year I plan to move to Toronto to work in the film and photography industry. I was a camper at Jacobs Camp for 9 years, and I am really excited for my first year on staff.

Nathaniel Rubenstein

I am Nathaniel Rubenstein. I am from Oxford, Ms but grew up on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. I just finished my freshman year at Ole Miss, where I am majoring in Journalism. I have attended Jacobs camp for the past eight years. I am looking forward to being a counselor this year. In the past, I have volunteered at the local food pantry.

David Vaiser

Hello! I am David Vaiser I'm 21 and I live in Israel. I was born in Ukraine and at the age of 4 my family did an aliya to Israel, where I grew up, so now I can speak 3 languages! I'm currently in the army as a technician in the communication department and soon to finish my time and be released from the army. I'm also in the shlihim program of the Jewish agency which is why I was able to fly to the states and be a counselor for my first summer at Jacobs Camp! A fun fact about me is that I love animals!