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Garin Boys Pod Counselors

Garin Unit Head

Clark Thompson

My name is CJ Thompson, and I am from Birmingham, Alabama. I recently graduated from the University of Alabama with a business administration degree. This is my 6th summer on staff at Jacobs Camp and I'm so excited to be the Garin Unit Head. Camp is my favorite place in the world and I'm so glad we can all be together again this summer!

Garin Boy Counselors

Mason Berger 

My name is Mason Berger and I am from Birmingham Alabama. During the year I am a student at the University of Alabama. My role at camp is as a counselor as well as a lifeguard. This will be my 10th summer at camp. During the year I volunteer at the Chabad in Tuscaloosa to help cook and prepare Friday night Shabbat meals.

Gavriel Moshe 

My name is Gavriel, and this is my first summer at Jacobs Camp, but not my first summer attending summer camp! I love acting in my community theatre. I can't wait to do a lot of artistic and creative activities with all of the campers!

Yehuda Potash 

Hi, my name is Hudi Potash. I am from New Orleans, LA. Currently, I am a rising sophomore at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, where I study public policy (Fight On!) I will be a camp counselor this summer for the first time, but I was a camper for ten years. Other things I've done this past year include Hebrew teaching, tutoring, and joining several fun USC orgs that range from a spirit org to a hiking org. Fun things about me: I have a cat named Filthy, I like bears, and I am very excited to be at Jacobs this summer!

Gabriel Seres 

Hi, I'm Gabe! I am from Mississippi, but I am moving to Texas after the summer! I'm going to be working as a counselor this year, and it is my first year on staff. I've been going to HSJ since 2007! This year was crazy, but I am thankful for the opportunity to clean up after a hurricane hit our city in 2020.

Itay Shlanger 

Hi! I am Itay Shlanger. I'm from Tel Aviv, Israel. During the year, I have been in the army and recently got out. I'm coming to camp as a counselor and it is my very first time in a summer camp!

Andrew Strickland 

Hi! I'm Andrew and I am from Birmingham, Alabama. During the year I study computer engineering at Auburn, and I am currently training for next basketball season. My role at camp this year is a counselor, and I am so excited for my 12th year!