Blog  Why Is Jacobs Camp Different From All Other Camps?

Why Is Jacobs Camp Different From All Other Camps?

By Ramie Mansberg

“Why is this night different from all other nights?” we ask, and then we answer describing the traditions and customs that make the Passover Seder different from any other meal or night.

Traditionally, the Passover Seder is about telling the story; it is aboutpassing on from generation to generation the ultimate answer, “then we were slaves in Egypt, and now we are free.  In my opinion, Passover creates more than just an opportunity to tell a story and ask questions; rather, it creates a community in which this story is welcomed and questions are encouraged.

This Passover, I ask you to consider a new question and your personal four answers:  Why is Jacobs Camp and Summer 2016 different from all other camps and all other summers?

At all other camps, my family has not established a legacy that I am proud of; at Jacobs Camp, I am part of that legacy.

At all other camps, I do not get to go to camp with at least six family members; at Jacobs Camp, I drive through the gates and have a family reunion with not only my immediate family but also my camp family.

During all other summers, I do not get to have the unique experience of being on staff with family; during Summer 2016, I have the opportunity to be on staff with my younger sister.

During all other summers, I have only had the chance to work with one unit; during Summer 2016, I get to try something new and work with Olim.

This Passover, I challenge you to find your own answers to my question beyond the ultimate answer: ‘at all other camps, I am just at camp, but at Jacobs Camp, I am home.’

Chag Sameach.