Blog  2015 HSJ Counselors of the Year!

2015 HSJ Counselors of the Year!

We were so impressed by all the hard work by our counselors this summer. Our staff voted and chose a fantastic pair for the 2015 Counselors of the Year. Below are a few of the things written about them by their peers:

“I have never once seen this counselor show negativity towards her campers or in front of them… She is someone who truly loves and cares about camp, she has a positive outlook that is contagious to her campers and other staff.”

“This counselor’s energy is contagious… He always found ways to make his campers’ experiences special.”

“This counselor was incredible to work with. I’ve never seen her upset or frustrated or complaining. She is a model counselor with an expertise far beyond her years.”

“This dude’s got the best energy in camp – by far!”

“I literally have never seen this counselor without a smile on his face. He is excited for every activity and gets kids excited too. He is a rock star in the department and a joy to see with his unit.”

“This counselor is always good at handling tough situations with any camper. She makes them feel comfortable and happy to be at camp. She is an all-around fantastic counselor.”

We are pleased to announce the 2015 Jacobs Camp Counselors of the Year – Sophie Guirard and Matan Bechor!!!! Sophie is a native of Baton Rouge and a member of Congregation B’nai Israel. Matan Bechor is a native of Modi’in, Israel and joined Jacobs Camp this summer as a part of the Mishlachat. Their names will proudly join the Counselor of the Year plaque at Jacobs Camp.

Mazel Tov to Matan and Sophie!